New Patients

What should I expect during my first visit to Alamo Dental Health?

When you walk through our door for the first time, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team and have a chance to complete your new patient registration by completing registration forms. These forms really help us get to know and serve you better by providing us with information such as your name, address, contact info, dental and medical history, and adequate financial arrangements and up-to-date insurance information. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure that your appointment time may start on time and is used exclusively for your dental care.

New patients often ask if they can have their teeth cleaned during their first visit. The answer is likely yes; just make your desire known during your conversation with our appointment coordinator.

How can I prepare for my first visit?

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we sure do! We accept all private dental insurance plans which allow you to select your provider (PPO plans). Unfortunately, we are not able to bill any HMO plans. Furthermore, we want to help patients maximize their insurance benefits and take advantage of all the benefits that come with their dental plan. Because each plan is tailored specifically by your employer and the insurance company, no two plans are alike. During your first visit, our office team will collect all necessary insurance information from you so that we may learn the specifics of your plan and provide you with the helpful information. In addition, we will process all insurance claims for you and accept it as a form of payment!

Dental Insurance is confusing.
Can you help me?

Absolutely! Our experienced team is here to help.  Our dental insurance benefits are researched by our office, they are not determined by our office. When you meet with your treatment coordinator, she will be able to help you address specific concerns and issues.

Besides Dental Insurance, what other methods of payment do you accept?

For your convenience we accept a variety of payment methods that include personal checks, major credit cards, HSA and Flex Spending accounts.

Does Alamo Dental Health offer financing?

Yes! As a courtesy to our San Antonio area dental patients we offer payment arrangements through:



Each company offers 0% interest options as well as extended plans to help our patients fit their treatment investment into their lifestyle. You may apply at home on their website or in our office. Our team members are specially trained to help our patients understand and make well informed financial decisions.

At my last dentist, my insurance didn’t pay for some treatment, will that happen here?

Each dental plan reimburses services according to their own levels; no two insurance plans are the same. Even when your plan covers 100% of a certain service or procedure, you may still have a patient portion due to an unreasonably low reimbursement dollar amount maximum set by your plan. However, rest assured our team is highly skilled and goes to great length to maximize all your benefits. If you have specific concerns about your particular plan and coverage, please contact our office and request a complimentary insurance analysis.

What if I don't like going to the dentist and I am scared?

Going to the dentist can be understandably daunting. At Alamo Dental Heath in San Antonio, we use gentle, calming bed-side manner, laughing gas, soothing music in noise-cancelling headphones and calming / anti-anxiety medication to help our patients get through the dental treatment experience.
Oral Conscious Sedation using anti-anxiety medications is a great method to calm the fears of virtually all patients. If you suffer from dental phobia, you’re not alone—many of our patients have put off going to the dentist for months, years, or even decades because of the anxiety caused by a dental visit! One option we offer anxious patients—or patients who need a large number of procedures done during a single visit—is sedation dentistry, where we provide an oral sedative taken a short while prior to the dental visit. During your visit, we will supplement the effects of the oral sedative with nitrous oxide as necessary as a way to maintain your sense of calm and comfort. Our highly trained staff will monitor your vital signs and your comfort level throughout the process and will make adjustments accordingly.