Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry take patients who have attained and maintained a healthy mouth (healthy gums, healthy teeth, healthy joins) and offers them the absolute best in terms of looks, confidence, beauty, and facial harmony. It’s impact on our patients cannot be accurately described and measured in words or concrete numbers; it is measured in quality of life experienced “on the inside” by the person who has taken the step to revolutionize their life by proactively creating the most beautiful and attractive smile modern dentistry can offer. The transformation is deep and positively changes the patient’s self image, social advancement possibilities, and confidence. Life no longer feels like it’s on hold and is now presenting limitless possibilities to the one who now has confidence to smile, to laugh, and to enjoy it to the fullest.

Most common issues treated in our clinic relate to inadequate tooth shape, size, form, location, color, appearance, failing teeth restorations, missing teeth, too much gum tissue (gummy smiles), too little gum tissue (recession), uneven overall smiles, gaps between teeth, overlapped (crowding) teeth, overbites and underbites, just to name a few. The most common cosmetic dental treatments are:

Teeth Whitening

When everything but color is perfect, look no further than the professional teeth whitening treatment. Our office offers Kor whitening system, the absolute best whitening system in the dental industry, combining the power of take-home whitening gel and in-office high strength whitening agents. For patients who are desiring a cost effective way of treating spots and stains, we also offer custom made take-home whitening trays.

Teeth Straightening

Often times, the cosmetic concern patients present with is the arrangement (or misarrangement of the teeth). While the color, shape and size are ideal, the location of the teeth makes the smile crooked, uneven, unbalanced and unpleasant. Revolutionary treatment options in orthodontics, such as the Invisalign system, allow patients to straighten teeth in as little as 3 months without brackets and wires.

Bonding and Reshaping

Patients who present to our clinic with smiles characterized by imperfections such as worn out surfaces, chips, cracks, micro-lines, gaps and spaces, or unpleasant color and appearance, often choose cosmetic bonding, the most cost-effective method to improve the appearance of such teeth. A layer of tooth-colored material is applied (bonded) to conceal these imperfections and a patient’s smile is revitalized for years to come at a cost considerably lower than other cosmetic treatments.

Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain Restorations have evolved tremendously over the last several decades and are now the most natural replacement of tooth structure dentists use to recreate a lifelike smile. Porcelain restorations come in a variety of forms and sizes, the most common being:


Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain covering (veneering) the front side of the tooth, giving the tooth a new look, color, shape, and beauty. Veneers are most often used in cosmetic cases where the patient desires to change the color, size, shape and contour of the teeth. Veneers are extremely conservative and create a lifelike smile which can lasts for decades.


Crowns, also known as caps, completely surround the tooth and cover it, strengthening and protecting the underlying tooth.


Onlays are probably the most underutilized dental restoration in American dental office (because of poor dental insurance coverage). They are dental fillings with the protection elements of dental crowns. Onlays provide the strength and structural protection of crowns, yet, like fillings, preserve more tooth structure than crowns. Just like crowns, veneers and inlays, onlays are superior to filings by having an ideal contour, perfect fit, and are created to function in perfect harmony with the rest of the teeth.


Inlays, like onlays, are are specialized fillings made by dental technicians outside the mouth and placed permanently by the dentist at a subsequent visit. Their two most important advantages over filings are

  • Longevity. Traditional white fillings are made out of a white resin which shrinks during the hardening phase creating a microscopic gap. This very small space between the tooth and the filling is responsible for discomfort and sensitivity after dental visits. This structural disadvantage is overcome by the introduction of inlays. The cement seals the gap virtually eliminating any sensitivity and discomfort for the patient. Research has proved inlays last longer than fillings, and the main reason is believed to be the elimination of the shrinking phenomenon. The second advantage is
  • A more ideal tooth replacement restoration creating ideal tooth-to-tooth contacts and anatomy. Since a technician has absolute total control over the shape and contour of the restoration, he is able to create a perfectly shaped replacement for the tooth, creating a perfect replacement of the missing tooth structure. This translates into natural tooth-tooth contact minimizing open contacts and food impaction locations.


YES. We can help you get your smile looking whiter and brighter in as little as one day and we can help you get your teeth straigther in a matter of weeks combining Invisalign with Wilkedonics (a new technique for creating fast moving teeth straightening). Dental Restorations can be delivered as early as the next business day.

While our office focuses a lot of our attention on the health aspect of dentistry, we do not neglect by any means the cosmetic aspect of dentistry. Our doctors have received much more training than most dentists in the United States and have completed many complex and challenging dental treatment cases. We think you should consider us because we are dedicated to beautiful results for every patient we treat!

Give us a call. Come in for a consultation. Talk to us about what bothers you. Listen to your options. We’ll give you the freedom to decide for yourself!

Unfortunately, virtually all of today’s dental insurance companies do not cover dental services they deem to be cosmetic in nature. Please contact our office for a assistance in researching your policy’s coverage.