General Dentistry

Our entire team has been assembled of individuals who have a passion for providing our patients with an excellent dental office visit experience and united around the same vision, goals, and purpose: to improve the lives of the people we come in contact with. From periodic checkups and cleanings all the way to the most advanced smile makeover, our team strives to meet and exceed your expectations, to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, and to create a smile which will last your entire life.

Preventative Dentistry

The most effective way to live a healthy life is by maintaining a healthy state through prevention. The most effective way to prevent the most common dental issues is by visiting our office twice a year and receiving a professional cleaning (preventing gum disease), a fluoride application (preventing cavities), and a thorough checkup by which any existing conditions are discovered at an early phase, therefore minimizing the cost of treatment down the road.

Restorative Dentistry

The 3 most common diseases we treat day in and day out are cavities, gum disease, occlusal disease.

  1. Cavities: cavity is ultimately a bacterial infection of the hard structures of the mouth – the tooth structure is being destroyed by the acid created by the bacteria living on and inside the tooth structure. Solutions involve reducing the bacterial count in the oral cavity through medications (antibacterial rinses and xylotol), removing the infected tooth structure, and replacing the missing tooth portion with a new material, such as tooth colored filling or porcelain restoration.
  2. Gum Disease: bacterial infection of the soft structures of the mouth – the gums and the bone surrounding the tooth are being destroyed by the immune system fighting the bacteria and toxins entering the body through the gums. Common solutions involve gum therapy (deep cleaning) while anesthetized, some cases are only treated by surgery, and a thorough review of medical conditions and current medication list. Specific and detailed oral hygiene instructions also allow the patient to participate through home care and maintain the results gained through professional dental intervention.
  3. Occlusal disease: one of the least understood dental diseases in our times, occlusal disease is characterized by tooth destruction caused by abnormally high chewing forces (grinding and/or clenching) and abnormal tooth-to-tooth relationships (unhealthy bite relationship). Oftentimes, the teeth present with symptoms mimicking teeth with infection requiring root canal treatment. While the dental community has believed for nearly a half century these conditions stem from a bad bite, the most recent medical research coming out of the Sleep Medicine subspecialty indicates a constricted airway plays a role more important than ever imagined. Other causes have also been well established, such as certain medications and PTSD. The most common solution involve adjustment of the teeth surfaces to improve the bite relationship, creating a totally new bite with new teeth or a temporary covering over the teeth such as a bite guard (commonly referred to as a nightguard), treating the TMJ symptoms which are oftentimes also present, and most importantly collaborating with a sleep physician to diagnose and successfully treat the underlying sleep apnea condition. Unfortunately, when patients allow their sleep apnea condition to continue untreated, our dental treatment provides only partial results.
  4. Miscellaneous dental conditions we routinely treat in our clinic are teeth destroyed by acid erosion, worn by way of uncontrolled grinding habits, destroyed by blunt trauma to the face or by foreign objects. Treatment modalities vary and are specific to each case we encounter


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ― Benjamin Franklin.
In other words, it is wiser to prevent major problems rather than to treat major dental problems. Dental concerns, such as cavities or early stages of gum disease, identified and treated early result in a greater success and lower cost. If saving teeth, time and money is not at the top of you priority list, then we can understand why you would wait until you become aware of the problem.

One of the purposes of regular dental cleanings is to ultimately prevent gum infections destroying your jaw bone and your health. If you have not had regular cleanings you haven’t had a solid prevention program in place and you should expect a higher probability of dental diseases.

We understand your predicament; due to our training and expertise, our office sees many of patients with significant dental concerns. Dental Insurance sure helps to cover some of the costs of treatment and we encourage our patients to take full advantage of every option they have. Our treatment coordinator(s) are trained to assist our patients with difficult financial decisions. Since each person has unique circumstances, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with our staff so that we can help you create a plan that addresses all your treatment and financial concerns.

Great Question! Gum disease can be prevented by home oral hygiene and periodic professional cleanings (removal of the plaque, calculus and bacteria causing gum infections). On the other hand, cavities only take place where the following 4 things are present simultaneously: Teeth, Time, Bacteria, and Sugar. You can prevent cavities by eliminating any of these 4 factors. Our team of professionals help our patients create a custom plan for reducing the incidence of these disease in the future.