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When we say we have the best patients in the world, we really mean it.

Our Smile for Smile initiative is all about partnering with our patients to give back to our community and to needy communities around the world.

Together with our patients we make a huge team of big-hearted individuals all committed to spreading healthy smiles near and far. Come join our team – become a patient and get involved in something much bigger than your single gorgeous smile.

Take a look at what our Smile for Smile initiative is doing Near and Far:


Smile for Smile is all about re-investing profits and time in our local and state community.

In every community, there are individuals who can’t afford to smile. That may seem like a ridiculous statement in America today, but some people are literally so demoralized by the pain and stigma they experience because of their broken down teeth that they stop smiling. These people may be young or old, abandoned or overworked. The consequences are always the same though – their overall health is affected by the fact that they can’t chew fresh foods and vegetables. Their outlook on life is affected as discouragement and a feeling of being undervalued set in. Their job opportunities are limited as employers overlook them for people with healthier mouths and images.

By re-investing a portion of what our patients pay for dental treatment and combining it with our time and skill, the Alamo Dental Health team literally partners with our patients to re-build smiles – its a Smile for a Smile. Depending on the person’s situation, income or lack thereof and the complexity and cost of the case, we provide them with the highest quality dental solutions at a deeply discounted cost, or in some cases, completely free of charge.

Locally, Smile for Smile helps people in need who are brought to our attention by our patients. Depending on the complexity of the needs, through Smile for Smile we’re currently helping an average of 2-3 people get their smiles completely redone every quarter.

We accept suggestions from patients of record. All cases accepted are entirely at the discretion of the doctor and treatment team and based on availability, complexity, and probability of success.

Absolutely! Our whole team is also involved in serving when possible at clinics for the underserved both here in San Antonio as well as on the border.

What about local patient education? Our team offers seminars open to anyone in the community interested in learning more about specific dental topics. These are held at various locations around the city and cover topics people most often ask about such as dental implants and dental surgeries.

Contact us with the information. We love to help people learn more about their health!

Email us: NewSmiles@adhsa.com


Smile for Smile goes International!

Like we said. Smiles here, Smiles there, Smiles should be everywhere!

In impoverished areas of the world, not only do people not have access to dentists, they often don’t even have access to toothbrushes. In addition, they need good dental hygiene education. Even if they have a toothbrush, they probably don’t know how to properly use it and it does them little good. Toothaches and dental abscesses are a major health concern in developing countries and impoverished communities worldwide.

We’re sending Smile care overseas, that’s what!

Our patients are helping us donate top of the line, ultrasonic toothbrushes to men, women and children in impoverished communities. For every patient completing their yearly Smile care maintenance plan, keeping their Smile healthy, we put a super toothbrush in the hands of someone who otherwise couldn’t afford one. The toothbrush alone isn’t enough, however. We’re also partnered with healthcare and humanitarian aid workers, local community leaders and childcare teams to insure that each toothbrush recipient receives proper instruction on how to use the toothbrush as well as a contact for replacing toothbrush heads when they wear out.

Well, Dr. Bec for one couldn’t be more thrilled. He’s starting the initiative in orphanages and impoverished communities in the country where he was born – Romania! The only thing more awesome than sharing Smiles, is sharing them in a community where you long to give back! That makes it Romania, Set, Brush!

Whenever possible, our team is also traveling overland and overseas to spread smiles. We want to bring health and healing to people wherever we go. Trips so far have included Honduras and Haiti.