Physician Referrals

I'm interested in referring a patient to Alamo Dental Health Holistic Complete-Health Dentistry care?

Got concerns for your patient like obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, malnutrition and digestion, or dental clearance for surgeries?

Get in touch with us today by giving us a call at 210.691.1211 or e-mail us at We’re always open to patient referrals.

What does Holistic Complete-Health Dentistry mean?

It is often said the mouth is the gateway to the body. No other phrase encapsulates the truth more completely and succinctly. Indeed, the mouth IS an integral and important part of the human body and the relationships between the oral cavity and the rest of the body are many! Unfortunately, due to historical and insurance industry reasons, we don’t think of it being an integral part of us. Alamo Dental Health places a major emphasis on the health relationships. Ultimately, we want our patients to have a beautiful, confident, HEALTHY smile for the rest of their lives. You can learn more here.

I've got some other questions from my referral patient like your dental insurance coverage. What do I do?

Each dental plan reimburses services according to their own levels; no two insurance plans are the same. Even when your plan covers 100% of a certain service or procedure, you may still have a patient portion due to an unreasonably low reimbursement dollar amount maximum set by your plan. However, rest assured our team is highly skilled and goes to great length to maximize all your benefits. If you have specific concerns about your particular plan and coverage, please contact our office and request a complimentary insurance analysis.

You can learn more about this and other answers to common questions here.