Teeth Straightening – Invisalign

Once upon time the only way you could get the straight and beautiful smile you wanted was through the uncomfortable process of braces, with their bulbous brackets and pokey wires. But while braces have been around for many years, the most advanced clear aligner therapy is here and it is here to stay thanks to Invisalign. Our staff in San Antonio offers Invisalign, the most popular provider of clear aligners that offers a remarkable way of getting your teeth straight and recreating a beautiful and healthy smile. The best news is that Invisalign treatment is now up to two times faster with weekly aligner changes. These clear aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable and removable, allowing you to brush and floss normally. So schedule your appointment today, and get a clearly straighter smile!

Patients often want to know if Invisalign is painful like braces can be. Well, is it? The short answer is NO, it’s not like braces! Much of the pain associated with braces is thanks to raw cheeks that have been cut and poked by the constantly rubbing brackets and wires. No brackets and no wires means no poking or rubbing pain and that’s GREAT NEWS! It’s true that anytime teeth are moving, sensitivity and tenderness are possible in the teeth that are moving most. Invisalign patients should expect a little tenderness on the first day or two of a new tray, but remember that everyone is different. Another fantastic thing about Invisalign is that you can still eat all your favorite foods with no restrictions! After you remove the trays to eat, it’s just your teeth and the food without any brackets or wires in the way to catch food or get broken. Anyone who’s had braces knows what we’re talking about!


It is well known and documented properly aligned teeth are easier to maintain clean and healthy, the gums around them are tighter and healthier keeping you free of plaque, stain, and gum infections, and the smile esthetics induce a sense of confidence few other dental treatments provide.

Your cost depends on many factors, such as your specific treatment objectives, complexity and duration of treatment, insurance benefits and reimbursements, etc. Contact our office for assistance.

Your teeth will be straight for virtually the rest of your life when proper retention is put in place. Teeth will tend to shift to their original position and will require to be maintained in their new location and position. Ask our doctor about the various types of retention used to keep you smiling about your smile!

At this time, our office refers patients to other doctors for traditional braces. If you are not sure whether or not you need traditional wire and bracket braces, contact our office for an evaluation and assistance to best decide your treatment methods.