General Dentistry

From periodic checkups and cleanings all the way to the most advanced smile makeover, our team strives to meet and exceed your expectations, to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, and to create a smile which will last your entire life.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry take patients who have attained and maintained a healthy mouth and offers them the absolute best in terms of looks, confidence, beauty, and facial harmony.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are simply tooth root replacements. These new roots anchor new teeth; they anchor individual teeth, bridges, hybrids or partial and complete dentures.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers more than just removal of physical pain; it offers a solution to the anxiety and fear problem many of our patients have.

Holistic Complete-Health Dentistry

It is often said the mouth is the gateway to the body. Indeed, the mouth IS an integral and important part of the human body and the relationships between the oral cavity and the rest of the body are many!

Teeth Straightening – Invisalign

There has been no better time to consider treating crooked, crowded, gapped, misaligned teeth. Why? While traditional braces have been around for many years, the most advanced clear therapy is now here and it is here to stay.


Inevitably, some teeth just don’t last as long as we last and are lost prematurely. When no other options are on the table, dentures are the most economical solutions to missing teeth.

Emergency Dentistry

The unexpected happens! If you are experiencing pain or need help right away, contact us and request an emergency exam. We at Alamo Dental Health are here to help!

Post Op Instructions

We know that after any procedure or surgery patients will be worried about the next step: what to do or not do, how long to wait, if food is ok, if water’s ok… With us, we take all the guess work out of the equation.