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Latest Technology

In line with our Innovation and Excellence Values, we invest in the latest technology in order to be able to provide the most excellent dental care possible. We make use of:

Latest generation of Digital intraoral X-ray sensors Shick 33 

  • Benefits: comfortable, quick, lowest dosage radiation, highest resolution and quality of all sensors available on the market, saved images easily retrievable via computer monitor

Latest generation of Digital Extraoral CBCT scanner

  • Benefits: low dosage radiation, limitless diagnostic possibilities for sleep apnea airway evaluation, implant surgery, improve root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment

Modern iTero Digital Intra-oral scanner

  • Read more about it here or watch this video here.
  • Benefits: no more goopy material for those old fashioned impressions, less gagging. When combined with the 3D CT file, a highly accurate surgical guide for implants is created and used to place implants in the most accurate and safest method.

High Quality Digital Intra-oral Camera

  • Benefits: crisp, clear, magnified pictures of the teeth and oral structures.

High Tech Digital Extra-oral Camera Combo combining a Canon DSLR camera with a Macro lens and ring flash.

  • Benefits: state of the art picture quality when a large field of focus is necessary: whole smile, close ups for esthetic cases and dental-laboratory communication and collaboration.

Noise reduction wireless headphones for a convenient and comfortable music listening experience during dental treatment.

Single patient use, personalized laughing gas nose cover for a relaxed, safe and pleasant dental office visit.

Other technologies in use are Digital Patient Charts for easy and secure access to patient data, Automated Patient Communication system for fast and easy appointment reminders and confirmations, advanced network firewall for state of the art digital information protection against hackers and predators, VoIP telephone system for the best and most reliable phone communication.

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