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Every service company has a “soul” which underlies their actions, strategies and day-to-day operations. While strategies and tactics change, the company’s value system – its soul – is stable. (Profit itself is not a defining value; it is rather an outcome of healthy business practices).

What we do, how we do it, why we do it are all tied to our ultimate goal: To Improve People’s Lives through Excellent Dental Care. In numbers, that looks like:

Our Mission and Direction:
Healthier Smiles By 2020

Along those lines, we recruit and retain employees whose personal values match our organization’s values, easily remembered by the acronym JETSIRI and they are:


  • Uplifting the human spirit, bringing the human potential to full flower, celebrating achievement
  • Investing in that which brings satisfaction, pride, and joy to our team members who, in turn, are more likely to bring satisfaction and pleasure to our patients.
  • Creating a remarkably joyful dental office space
  • For additional inspiration on this topic, We recommend you read “The Happiness Advantage – The Seven Principles that Fuel Success and Performance at Work” by Shawn Achor.


  • Good isn’t good enough. We Strive for Better than Good.
  • Exceptionally high standards in operating the business.
  • Our products and services must demonstrate superiority over competitive products and services.
  • Our customer service and quality of dental work put out by our office is not just clinically acceptable and average; we believe in the delivering the best service we are capable of.


  • Individuals collaboratively pooling their resources in pursuit of a common purpose
  • TEAM – together everyone achieves more
  • Our tasks at hand are greater than anything one person can accomplish alone, therefore we value working as a multi-people team as it is the only possible way we can accomplish our purpose.


  • “Fill the other person’s basket to the brim and making money becomes an easy proposition.” (The Container Store). The “other person” is anyone who comes in contact with the company or is affected in any way by the company’s actions.
  • We value giving, not just getting; we believe in enriching – economically or otherwise – all those we come in contact with. We create Social Profit whenever our actions produce net benefits to society beyond the marketing of goods and services and the creation of employment opportunities.
  • That’s why we’ve created our program “Smile for Smile” where we make an active contribution to enriching our community locally and abroad. Learn more about our program:


  • What got us HERE is not what is going to get us THERE, therefore we believe our team should be constantly open to change and improvements in methods, systems, knowledge and technology.
  • Innovation is the primary tool of Excellence
  • We pursue innovation at two levels:
    • in WHAT we do.
    • in HOW we do it.


  • We live by the Ritz Carlton’s core values: “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”
  • Respect the customer and fellow team members in every interaction through active listening, professional services, whether or not anyone is watching.


  • “Let the tongue in your shoe and the tongue in your mouth go in the same direction!” (Dr. John Bec, owner and CEO of Alamo Dental Health). Our actions and our speech are one and the same. We keep our word and our promise to our patient and to each other.
  • Promote highest ethical practices
  • Make promises that can be met and keep them.
  • Instead of paying sales commissions, we pay salary and provide opportunity for bonuses based on customer service performance because anyone who provides service should be noncommissioned to remove conflict of interest.